IST Student




Bullard Havens Technical Highschool
Graduation Year: 2021

Awards & Achievements

Academic Honor Roll 2017-Present
National Honors Society

Experience & Activities

Hands on experience with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, W3.CSS, PhotoShop, WordPress
Performed web design, graphic design, and video for clients

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Here I created a page that is on our shop website through WordPress. It explains a bit about me and my life as an IT student and it shows some projects that I have worked on in the past.

I have used WordPress before but this is my first time using it to make a page for our site.

Website Development

During Freshman year we learned and got hands on experience with HTML to build websites from scratch. My class has recently gotten the opportunity to revamp a website that was not mobile friendly and was very outdated for our client Gary Nastu.

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Coding Languages

In class I have learned and used different coding languages even if we didn't do much with it, we got the chance to get familiar with it. One of the languages I have used is JavaScript which at first was hard to use but now it's fun. Another thing I learned in coding was boolean which we used to make a simple True or False quiz

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Cyber Security

In class I have done a few things with cyber security and some hacking. I've done glitches and even some Hack The Cheese which is a website you can use to learn to hack into.

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