Is Ronnie2k a good guy?

Ronnie caps

to much...

Ronnie cap alot cant stop capping. Ronnie king of cap... quote from fans "NBA 2K20 has been dismissed by its community as "2K19.5" in disguise, but it's hard to completely agree with this viewpoint when there's a new MyCareer, along with a bevy of new stars to play as with the addition of the WBNA. This has led to #FixNBA2K20 trending on Twitter along with #FireRonnie2K. Ronnie Singh is the game's Marketing Director, and his role has made him very visible to the 2K Community as he was the one to show his face when promoting items, streams and videos."

Ronnie's lies

these are quotes from fans.

"Ronnie 2K consistently false advertise and has a God complex about the video game 2K 20 many people have lost money because of features they thought we’re going to be in the game. He also disrespects popularity figures in the game On Twitter and live on other social media platforms. About two months ago the #2 hashtag on Twitter was #FireRonnie2k"

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